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The short answer is no, not all HDMI cables support high refresh rates. Let me explain why.

HDMI cables come in different versions, and each version has its own capabilities. The most common versions you'll come across are HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and HDMI 2.1. These versions have different bandwidths, which determine the maximum refresh rate they can support.

HDMI 1.4, for example, is capable of supporting a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz at 1080p resolution. This is perfectly fine for most casual users, but if you're a gamer or someone who wants a smoother visual experience, you'll want to consider HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 2.1.

HDMI 2.0 can handle higher refresh rates, supporting up to 144Hz at 1080p resolution. This is a significant improvement over HDMI 1.4 and is great for gaming enthusiasts who want a more fluid and responsive gaming experience.

Now, if you're looking for the absolute best in terms of refresh rates, HDMI 2.1 is the way to go. HDMI 2.1 has a much higher bandwidth and can support refresh rates of up to 240Hz at 1080p and even 120Hz at 4K resolution. This is perfect for those who want the smoothest, most immersive gaming or viewing experience possible.

So, to answer your question, not all HDMI cables support high refresh rates. It's important to check the version of the HDMI cable you're using and make sure it aligns with the refresh rate you want to achieve. If you're aiming for high refresh rates, I recommend using HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 2.1 cables.

Remember, though, that the refresh rate you can achieve also depends on the capabilities of your display device, such as your monitor or TV. Make sure your display device supports the desired refresh rate as well.

I hope this clears up any confusion you had about HDMI cables and high refresh rates. For more in-depth information on optimizing screen refresh rates, be sure to check out Refresh Rates Review. We cover everything from the best HDMI cables for gaming to understanding the refresh rates on the latest iPhone models. Happy gaming and happy viewing!

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